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Los Angeles Archivists Collective Interview

My friend @littleclamator interviewed me for @laacollective‘s new PERSON/PLACE/THING blog series

— Gloria Gonzalez (@InformaticMonad) June 8, 2015  

I met Mary Haberle last year in Palm Springs at the Society of California Archivists Annual Meeting. Mary was new to LA back then. She’s originally from Canada and moved here from New York City, where she’d been living and working as an archivist. Now she works as a project archivist at the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Our professional interests aligned and we quickly became friends.

Mary has all of the features that make a great friend. She is genuine, encouraging and honest. She’s creative, curious, and patient too. And don’t forget to add her adorable Labradoodle, Winnie into the mix!

Mary and I love to meet up for brunch occasionally and discuss all things archives. Recently, Mary turned some the topics that come up in our discussions into questions, and interviewed me for the new blog series, PERSON/PLACE/THING published by the Los Angeles Archivists Collective. Here’s our conversation: